SADER ENERGY CO. has founded by Mr. Sadettin ERSOY in 1996 Ankara/TURKEY.

At the beginning, main business was marketing of EAS branded starter and stationary batteries as to be exclusive distributor. During coming years SADER began to market VRLA batteries and related products which were UPS and Rectifiers.

At the first, VRLA batteries getting from different importers in domestic market. In 1997 Sader has made the first importation from GS/Japan. At 1998 we have got Exclusive Distributorship for B.B. BATTERY. We have stopped to marketing of car batteries after closing of EAS factory in 2000. 

SADER always pays much importance to be know needs of the market correctly. And so, satisfaction of customer is to be most important thing which must be save. In able to realise this, Sader always try to keep stock by quality products with reasonable prices. By the way our business volume to be increase year by year.

At 2003 our company name has changed as SADER IC ve DIS TIC. LTD.STI. So, we were realizing big projects succesfully. Turk Telekom, Siemens, Alcatel, Aselsan, TSK, are some of our customers.

In able to supply better service to customers we have set up liason office in Istanbul (PERPA Trade Center) at 2004. After some time the location was being insufficient for us and therefore we have moved office and depotses to our own location at Floor-11 of Perpa. Today we see that; present location becomes insufficient again due to increasing sales volume. Due to this situation we decided to set up large building. So, we have bought a land to set up new suitable building. We xpect to move our Istanbul Office and depots to this new location in 2012.

About Ankara headquarter, the previous location was becoming small due to increasing sales volume. At 2006 we have started to built new building which has 5 floors in Gersan Business Center on Istanbul road side. We moved at 2008 to this location and are now working there. 

Today SADER keeps about 60,000 pcs of various battery models continuousely in total 5 depots. Our basic target is that; supplying of the best quality products with reasonable prices to customers as uninterraptable. At the same time our another main purpose is to keep being dynamic according to change market conditions. That’s why our product portfolio always renewing and enriching by new products.


Currency Selling Buying
Dolar (USD) 7.3930 7.3797
Euro (EUR) 8.9939 8.9778
Dolar (USD) Effective 7.4041 7.3746
Euro (EUR) Effective 9.0074 8.9715